Can you identify the ACEs in Casey’s life?

Can you identify the ACEs in Casey’s life?

Casey Update

Casey’s mother takes Casey in for his annual well child check.  She tells the doctor that Casey has been having frequent nightmares and is still wetting his bed at night. She is frustrated by the bed wetting because she feels like Casey is too old for those kinds of problems.  The doctor notes that Casey is overweight for his age and height.  His mother admits that he eats a lot of junk food and soda but also says that he is constantly hungry, often having three helpings at dinner.  The doctor advises Casey’s mother to monitor his diet so that he does not gain more weight and tells her to limit his water intake before bedtime to deal with the bed wetting.   The doctor also tells Casey’s mother to monitor how often Casey goes to the bathroom and to check back in a month.  The doctor does not address the nightmares, saying that it is probably because of something scary that Casey saw on TV. 

 What should the doctor do? 

Casey Part II

Casey just started the first grade at his local school.  Although it is only a few months into the school year, Casey’s teachers have already called his parents about Casey’s behavior.  The teachers have noticed that sometimes Casey is too aggressive when he plays – often causing the other child to cry or run away.  During class, Casey is often distracted – getting up and moving about the classroom without permission.  A few days ago, Casey’s mother had to leave her job to pick Casey up early from school because Casey had hit another girl in his class when she refused to share her colored pencils with him.  Casey’s teacher is frustrated with having to constantly reprimand Casey. She feels like he is taking away from the other children’s learning experiences.  She wants the school principal to suspend Casey for three days for hitting the girl. 


What should the principal do?


Casey Part I 

Casey is 6 years old and lives with his parents in the Central Valley.  His father is an enlisted serviceman with the U.S. Army and is frequently deployed overseas.  Since Casey was born, his father has been sent to Iraq three times and once to Afghanistan.  When Casey’s father is home, he often has nightmares. Once fun-loving and affectionate, his father is now detached and remote with his family and many of his friends.  He has given up many of his hobbies and often just sits at home, drinking beer and staring at the television.  At night, after he has too many drinks, Casey’s father sometimes becomes abusive – yelling and threatening Casey’s mother. 

Casey’s mother used to be employed as a teacher’s assistant at the local public school.  With budget cuts in education, Casey’s mother was laid off along with several other school staff.  She has not been able to find another full-time job and is now only working two days a week at a local preschool. Casey’s mother is often stressed and anxious – she finds herself easily frustrated with Casey when he does not follow directions.