Can you identify the ACEs in Evan’s life? 

Can you identify the ACEs in Evan’s life? 

Evan  Update

Evan’s teacher thinks that Evan has ADHD and wants his grandmother to take him to a doctor for a formal diagnosis.  The teacher told Evan’s grandmother that Evan has a difficult time focusing and concentrating on the class activities and that he often gets up repeatedly throughout the class without permission.  In taking his history, the doctor finds that Evan has trouble falling asleep and he’s not doing well in school.  Evan tells the doctor that he sometimes smokes weed with his friends after school.   

 What should Evan’s doctor do? 

Evan Part II

When Evan was 10 years old, his mother left him alone for a week.  A neighbor called CPS after Evan knocked on her door asking for some food.  CPS opened an investigation and, soon after his mother returned, she left Evan with his grandmother.  A CPS social worker continues to visit Evan and his grandmother.  Although she is usually very caring, Evan’s grandmother forgets to feed him when she lapses into depression.  Evan never tells his social worker because he is afraid that he will have to live with a foster family and he loves his grandmother.  


What should the social worker do?


Evan Part I

Evan is 13 years old. He lives in public housing with his grandmother in San Francisco.  Growing up, Evan did not really know his father because he was often in and out of prison, usually for violating his probation.  Then, Evan’s father was killed in a drive-by shooting when he was 8 years old.  This summer, Evan saw his summer school counselor killed in a drive-by shooting while he was playing basketball at the local park. 

Evan’s mother struggled with a meth addiction for many years.  Sometimes, she would leave Evan at home alone for days.  Three years ago, Evan’s mother dropped him off at his grandmother’s house.  She told him that she would pick him up in a few hours but she never came back.  He has lived with his grandmother ever since.  He knows that his grandmother loves him very much, but she often becomes very lethargic and will say that she does not want to “be here” anymore.