Follow a Child Overview

In order to deepen our understanding of how ACEs impact the daily lives of children and their families, we are launching a new activity called Follow a Child. 

In this activity, each summit participant will follow the experiences of one child grappling with the impact of ACEs as he or she interacts with various systems, including education, juvenile justice, health, or child welfare.  Through the use of case studies, the goal of Follow a Child is to illustrate how ACEs impact the day-to-day lives of families across California and to provide a common ground for solution-based discussions moving forward. 

During the summit, we encourage to you share the thoughts, reactions, and ideas that flow from the stories with other attendees and on social media.  Use the #ChildrenCanThrive hashtag to share online.

Each morning during the summit, you will receive an email update with the latest development in your child’s life. The discussion groups on Friday, November 7th will use your child’s experience as the grounding point for the conversation.