Can you identify the ACEs in Vince’s life? 

Can you identify the ACEs in Vince’s life? 

Vince Update

Because Vince has become further involved in his gang, he no longer feels safe on his way to school.  A month ago, Vince was walking home from school, and he was jumped by four rival gang members who were retaliating for the fight earlier this year. After being jumped, Vince started bringing a knife to school for protection.  A school resource officer recently found the knife while searching Vince’s bag.  The District Attorney has decided to press charges against Vince for bringing a knife to school.   Under his plea agreement, he is now on juvenile probation. 

 What should his juvenile probation officer do?

 Vince Part II

Growing up, Vince always looked up to his older brother and sought to emulate him.  When he was younger, he would hang out with his brother and his friends, who were also members of the same gang.  When Vince turned 14, he joined his brother’s gang.  Even though he knew that his brother went to prison because of his involvement in the gang, in many ways, Vince felt that the gang members were more like his family.  Because of rivalries with other gangs in the area, Vince does not feel safe at school.  At school, he is jumpy and on edge.  Sudden noises startle him.  He has been suspended for fighting twice already.  Once he fought with a rival gang member and the other time he thought that another student had looked at him “the wrong way.”  The principal is worried about the safety of the teachers and other students when Vince is around.  


What should the principal do? 

Vince Part I

Vince is 16 years old and lives in the Bay Area.  His father came to the United States when he was 10 years old as a refugee from Vietnam in 1973.    Although his parents have run a series of successful restaurants, his father’s gambling addiction has often resulted in significant losses to the family’s finances and economic security.  A few years ago, Vince’s father lost ownership of the family restaurant after a weekend-long gambling session.  Vince’s father used to yell and hit his wife and children whenever he lost in gambling.  As the children got older, Vince’s father stopped hitting them but still continues to yell.  

Vince has a 22 year old brother whom he has always idolized.  However, his brother joined a gang when he was in high school.  A few years ago, his brother was arrested and convicted for selling drugs.  He is now in state prison and, because his parents are ashamed, the family never visits him.